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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Its about time...

An update here is well ovedue. Before a complete write up, here's some tid bits...

I have split from the boyf
I have moved to a lovely new home
I have a new job

Everything has changed! But I'm still me.

Monday, August 21, 2006

MINI Bye Bye

Thats right...I'm selling my MINI on eBay. Alas, I love it but I need something bigger. Add to that the fact that I am moving away from crappy Lewisham and I need a car thats going to help me move! Watchout Twickenham!

I've finally bitten the bullet and sold my lovely flat and have plumped for a house in the burbs. It has a garden (front and back), a garage, 3 bedrooms and a drive. But I won't get the keys until end September. Lots of decorating and making it mine to look forward too! YAY!

If you want to buy the MINI see this

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pictures from Malaysia

For my pics from Malaysia Click Here

Friday, April 28, 2006

Birthdays, Madonna and George Michael

All I have to say is I got tickets to go see Madge and George (does that sound like a sitcom?)! Its like the 80's all over again! All we need now is Michael Jackson and Prince to announce concerts and we'll all be grabbing our crotches, pouting and twirling the tassles on our pointy bra's! Its just a shame all George is known for (apart from the music) is the 'toilet incident'. Oh and his recent misfortunes behind the wheel of his Range Rover. I still think he's fab though!

Well, it is now officially my birthday 33 years ago today I burst into the world! I guess people stop counting after 30 but as 3 is my fave number double 3 must have to be a good year! So I'm looking forward to it. I'm also off on holiday very soon to Malaysia with my gorgeous boyfriend for a sun filled, chilled out holiday. Pictures on my return.

Chow for now!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ungay or Pro-Mo?

OK I have just had the wierdest I ungay? I don't mean that in a derogatory way at all but if you follow the choo choo of my train of thought, you might come to the same conclusion...

  • Ungay 1: I'm Indian and there aren't that many gay Indians that I know...please prove me wrong!
  • Ungay 2: I work in the technology sector, primarily in the geeky programmer environment. Am I geeky? OK shut up! Maybe a little, yes. But since when did gay and geeky go together?
  • Ungay 3: I can do DIY. Gay people don't do manual tasks and are generally regarded as crap at DIY.
  • Ungay 4: I love cars and driving. Gay people don't care about their motors.
  • Ungay 5: I love staying at home and watching movies with my Boy. Gay people enjoy clubbing and getting off their faces on drugs don't they?
  • Ungay 6: I drink very little alcohol and much prefer a glass of orange squash or one of those to-die-for fresh juices from Marks & Spencer (OK thats a bit gay, but let me have that one).
  • Ungay 7: I'm not effeminite (and I know this for a fact!)

Maybe my mother was right...then again maybe not...

  • Pro-Mo 1: I am definitely batting for the guys (and one in particular, I hasten to add!). Girls don't get a look in.
  • Pro-Mo 2: I take pride in my appearance.
  • Pro-Mo 3: I love Madonna.
  • Pro-Mo 4: I'm houseproud - when I have people coming over.
  • Pro-Mo 5: I can cook and I can cook well.
  • Pro-Mo 6: I hate football but enjoy watching the mens swimming and sometimes rugby on telly.

I can't think of anything else that makes me gay! So does 7 Ungays over 6 Pro-Mo's make me ungay? I'm having a crisis! Please help!

To those that have no sense of humour, this post is supposed to be funny, ok? So freaking laugh!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mad March Hares

Well, your favourite blogger is back with the March issue...and what have I been up to since the end of January?

Well now, let me see...I've started guitar lessons. I've been meaning to do that for ages anyway. My fingers hurt and are becoming caloused which I'm sure you'll agree is rather unpleasant! I'll let you all know when they finally start to bleed.

I have laid a new floor in my bathroom which looks great and is a darn sight better than the carpet that was in there before. I helped The Boy lay a lovely oak floor in his front room a few weeks ago (oh we are SO domesticated and I love it!) so after learning how to do it I put in the bathroom floor. There's no stopping me now! ;)

My folks went to Dubai for a holiday i.e. interpret as 'shopping for cheap gold'. My dad doesn't really like to go on hols but when he got back he actually mentioned going 'next time'! Lets hope thats the case! It's be great if they go away more. I don't mean that in a bad way but they've not seen too much of the world and I'd love them to travel more. I wish I could!

On that note, the Boy and I have booked a holiday to Malaysia! YAY!!! I'm SO looking forward to it. Lots of sun, sea and sand.

Anyway, another short post from moi but I shall return! And soon. Stay tuned campers!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What will 2006 bring?

First off, Sorry! Yes, thats the next single from Her Madgesty, the Queen of Pop, Madonna. I wasn't apologising for not blogging for what seems like an eon. I've been busy most weekends spending quality time with The Boy and the weeks and months just seem to have flown past.

For New Year, we went to Dorset. It was very tranquil, staying in a caravan with all mod cons. I mean this caravan was called a Van Royce! It even had gold taps. It was confortable although there wasn't much room for the much loved sport of cat-swinging. We watched DVD's, drank champagne, shopped. The caravan site was pretty empty with the only other people leaving the day before New Years Eve. One night it got so cold the taps where we got our water from froze solid as did the waste pipe from the sink! -8C apparently. But very snug in the caravan. We checked out Dorchester (which is really quite nice) and Weymouth (which is ok but a bit trashy). We stopped there to get a KFC (moi) and MickeyD's (The Boy) and parked up in the car park opposite KFC and this guy in a crappy black Escort pimped up all-boy racer stylee (i.e. it looked like a piece of dog crap with tin foil to adorn it) parked next to us and came round to the drivers side. He said it was parking for Kwik Fit customers only and that we should move on and to not drop our litter there. What an arsehole! We were the only car there! Apart from his. Kwik Fit must have been rushed off their feet because 5 minutes later, Dimwits mate turns up in his crappy, derelict car and tells us the same thing! Don't they have tyres to fit or something??

We also went to Portland, saw Chesil Beach (which I always thought was spelled Chisel) and saw Portland Bill - the lighthouse. Shame it wasn't open as I would have liked to have gone up to the top. We had a walk over the rocks there and boy was the sea rough! And it was darned cold. Chesil Beach is a thin strip of sand, about 7 miles long that has formed naturally between the open sea and the land. The water in between the beach and land is landlocked and stagnant. Didn't smell though.

Another sightseeing trip to Osmington and there's a vista point near the Smugglers Head pub which looks over to Portland.

Christmas Day my mum, my sis and I threw a 65th birthday party for my pop. The whole family turned up (except my dads older brother who was busy that day with his own family). We don't really celebrate Xmas. We give and receive pressies but we don't celebrate the birth of Christ. I guess most other people that celebrate Xmas don't actually celebrate the birth of Christ. Anyway, thats a whole other blog!

Xmas pressies I got were...a radio control plane (joy!), a cocktail making set which I have yet to try out, a skin for my new video iPod, Take That DVD and some other stuff that I just can't remember at the moment!

So its January. And January is almost over too. The Boy is away on business and I miss him.

I've been cleansing some more...throwing stuff away that I don't need and buying knew furniture to store whats left.

I hate myself for watching Celebrity Big Brother and I'm beginning to hate them all (except Chantelle, because she's blond and giggly and I bet we could have a right laugh together!). Pete Burns is just human road kill. I wonder what happens to your body when you die if you've had so much plastic surgery. Does it just stay as it is or does it rot? Its like living mummification if it doesn't rot! Eeeww! Imagine digging up someone years later only to find them in exactly the same state as they were when they went into the ground! Spooky.

This is where I fall onto my keyboard because I'm so tired! Night night then